What’s all the buzz about?

What’s all the buzz about?

Just in time for Earth Day 2017, Ollie Bees Family Apiary expands participation at Morning Glory – A Community Harvest Farm.  Beekeepers Dan and Oliver with help from mom Sharon added the first of two bee starter packages to establish Morning Glory’s Out Yard Apiary. 

 About the Beekeepers: Dan and Oliver’s interest in establishing an apiary started following Oliver’s Summit Schools class learning unit on the life of a honey bee. Dan, Ollie B’s dad, had already fostered an interest in bees through a co-worker.   Training started in January with a beekeeping class at the Indian Creek Nature Center.  With encouragement from colleague Marty Stimpson of Cedar Valley Apiaries and the desire to promote and further education about the honey bee an apiary was formed.

 About the bees: Carniolan and Italian bees were selected for their temperament and will be working the farm alongside farmers Donna and Bill, pollinating many of the fruits and vegetables grown.  The North American Bumble Bee is currently listed on the endangered species list, and there has also been a dramatic decline of the Honey Bee’s population.  A significant portion of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other flowering plants depend on pollinators like the honey bee.

As members of the Morning Glory CSA we look forward to our roles as beekeepers and shareholders in support of the bountiful fresh “bee friendly” produce.

Dan, Sharon, and Oliver

Check out Oliver’s videos:

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