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After completing the Master Gardening classes through Iowa State University in 2010, Donna Warhover began searching for an internship project. She contacted the director of Goodwill’s Day Habilitation program for adults with disabilities to see if they would be interested in starting a vegetable garden. They were! A local church donated ground and the group began to plan a garden.


They purchased seeds, grew them under grow lights, built raised beds and filled them with truckloads of rich compost. The seedlings were planted and cared for week after week. What Donna noticed was the new gardeners were transformed when they were working in the garden. One client with an enormous amount of energy, often misdirected, would become calm and focused as he tended the garden. Donna now realizes that they were not the only ones being transformed. It was this experience that began to fuel a new passion in her.

Donna and husband, Bill, began to think of ways that they could change their lifestyle to bring them closer to the earth. Wikipedia says sustainability for humans is the potential for long-term maintenance of well-being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions. Their dream to live life in a more sustainable way, closer to the earth, while sharing that goodness with others was beginning to be realized when they purchased a small farm in Mount Vernon, Iowa in May of 2013. They immediately began tilling the ground and Morning Glory was born!



A safe environment that allows people to grow, connect, and find healing


Healthy food, healthy lives, and healthy community


Knowledge, space, dreams, and good food


Farm summary coming soon!

Farmer Donna carrots

"We are passionate about growing good food.

We are even more passionate about growing community
around good food."

- Farmer Donna


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